Malaysia My Second Home Social Multiple Entry Visa Scheme (MM2H)

You can find out more information about Malaysia My Second Home at this web site: .

We applied for our Visas directly through the Malaysia High Commission, Immigration Department in London. You can see by visiting other sites that we had to provide copies of passports, have a medical, provide evidence of income etc. We applied in July 2004, were verbally accepted in October 2004, travelled to Putrajaya in December 2004 while on holiday out here to obtain the visa, and received formal written notification of acceptance in February 2005.

As we were initially only eligible for 2 of the 5 years due to Georges passport expiry date, we applied for the balance of 3 years in November 2006 & received this without question by appearing in person at Jabatan Imigression Malaysia at Putrajaya. In December 2009, we applied to renew our visa & received  our 10 year visas under the same criteria as when we applied.

The criteria for this visa has changed since we applied in 2004, and is continually changing, so it's worth keeping on top of things while you progress the requirements. For example, we were advised initially that we had to take out medical insurance cover here. When we received our visa, we were told that we did not need medical cover. Regardless, we took it anyway as you just never know.

As of 1 June 2007, applicants have to apply via MM2H licensed agents.

As of Spring 2009, applicants don't have to use an approved agent, but many do so as they are unfamiliar to the layout & workings of the country.

How we made it to Penang

George has been coming out to the Far East for over 35 years, with Carol visiting since 1992. It's always been on the cards for us to consider moving out here, & once the decision was made at Christmas 2003, we started making plans. We are here via the Malaysia My Second Home Multiple Entry Social Visit Visa.

Many people have asked us 'Why Penang/Malaysia?' We have our own reasons & they are echoed in this list taken from the MM2H site:

  1. BulletThe people and language - friendly. Most speak English, and we are learning Bahasa Melayu.

  2. BulletThe weather - constant all year round, despite the rainy season.

  3. BulletThe cost of living - cheap! Our UK taxed income stretches to about X5 what we could buy in the UK.

  4. BulletEconomic and political stability

  5. BulletInfrastructure - international airports, excellent highways

  6. BulletThe food - whether local dishes, western, European - we can try it all here.

  7. BulletShopping - from wet markets for meat & vegetable, to supermarkets, to mega malls.

  8. BulletThe natural beauty - many state parks, a National Park, mountains, jungle, forest, beaches.

  9. BulletSafety and health - Malaysia has a very low crime rate. The medical facilites & staff are of exceptional quality and standard.

  10. BulletTelecommunications - phone & internet connections are embarrassingly cheap compared to the UK rates.

  11. BulletThe location - a stop off en-route to Australasia; central for exploring the Far East & India.

Initially, we obtained 3 quotes from international removers so we could bring many of our possessions & furniture with us. Allied Pickfords came out best - not the cheapest, but very much the best service.

We put our house on the market & waited. We cleared out - many car boot sales & trips to charity shops later: we realised that we had so much stuff that we just did not use, or did not miss when we'd got rid of it.

When on holiday in Penang, we looked at apartments, went into supermarkets to get costs, asked friends for approximate utility charges and gradually put a budget together. This also included provision for medical cover, fuel, communications, visas, & more.

We had a great deal to tidy up in the UK - pensions, endowments, mortgages & the like.

With hindsight, it took 20 months to get here & we are pleased that just about everything was settled before we left the UK.

When we had a completion date for our house sale, Allied Pickfords came in & export wrapped everything. We then stayed with Carols brother for a few weeks. Due to an admin mix-up, our furniture was sent to Malaysia sooner than expected - in fact it arrived 4 days after we did (we had to be in the country before it arrived). This did work to our advantage as we found our apartment in weeks, rather than months as we'd anticipated. When we found our apartment & got the keys, we arranged a delivery date & our friend Cecile from Allied Pickfords did the rest.

Should you feel this is something you could try, start looking at MM2H soon!


What we should have brought with us from the UK:

trouser press

ironing board (don't have large ones out here)

garden table & chairs - very little choice for balconies/patios here

knitting needles - to make baby clothes for charity

yellow dusters


All of our 'white goods' - electricity is the same as UK

What we brought over & don't (yet) need:


computer desk (there isn't anywhere suitable in the apartment to put it, so we purchased a small table instead) - We donated it to IWA Penang when they moved office in August 2006.

What we brought over & has been very useful:

Everything!! Furniture, books, crockery...........

Tupperware - great for sealing food away from the humid air, & from any insects/bugs which may get into the kitchen (although we are not aware of any!)

How we made it to Penang